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Pick “Install from a list or specific location”, then click Next. The syntax of the command is: The raw hexadecimal bytes will also be displayed for the user to look for control and command characters. On most systems the “New Hardware Wizard” may automatically appear while you are performing the update below. Printer Models adjustable vs. Customers who have accidentally installed our bi-directional drivers will have difficulty getting the printer to work over the USB interface.

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This can be used to display user or debug information.

The routines provide initialization, communication and determine the total number of Boca USB printers plugged into a PC. The test tickets data is printer specific.

As you will notice, there are timing issues when writing a command to the printer and waiting for the printer to respond. Through the use of the display panel, a user can adjust the factory default settings on the printer.

However, the HP drivers have slightly different margin definitions and lack many of the features supported in the BOCA drivers – vendor defined page sizes, customer defined page sizes, etc. A USB port provides levels of efficiency greater than parallel or serial ports. While Word allows you to manipulate the page size in both portrait and landscape modes, the data bca to the printer only functions properly in portrait mode.



The printer will save the choices and reinitialize. This driver is typically used by certain vgl systems that use web browsers to send non-graphic, FGL commands to the printer.

We do not recommend the use of this method. This is fg port s to which the printer will return status. In the event that you accidentally install the wrong driver, it may be necessary to completely remove all boac of the old driver files in order to successfully install a new driver.

The serial port tool has a button to set the baud rate. This is the preferred method whenever a vendor defined size is not available. Write data to Printer. Assuming USB print has already been loaded, follow the cgl below.

The syntax of the command is: It could take up to 2 seconds for one large, heavily populated ticket, but most tickets print much faster. Upon reading back data from the port buffer, the data will be displayed in two ways.

Boca Systems Printer Driver Download

Please note that margins must be adjusted to avoid printing outside of the ticket boundaries. Pick “Install from a list or specific location”, then click Next Pick”Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install” and then, click on Next. Clear Screen Fgll Clear Screen button will clean up the form by clearing all the data display windows.

In order bocw restore your computer to working order, you will need to uninstall the bi-directional drivers and re-install the USB Print drivers as shown below: Turn the printer off for at least five seconds.



Please note that the Net Use command will allow you to access the network printer across the network through both VB and VC without the use of a print driver on your PC. You must re-assign a valid font size to guarantee the proper font representation on your screen. As the status data returned on the serial port is not buffered, great care must be taken in processing the data received from the printer. The user will have a selection of up to eight ports to use.

With the exception of the limited resident font and bar code choices, these drivers install and operate similarly to the FGL drivers.

These and other routines demonstrate bi-directional communication. This application demonstrates a technique for reading and writing from a Boca Systems printer. Consult factory before updating code.

It can then be accessed by the local port name. Create new directory — c: The Response window, in the top left corner, displays short status messages.