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Add 0xA, “Max Technologies Inc. Add 0x12A0, “Allen Bradley Co. Add 0x, “Interface Corp” ; mVendors. Add 0x, “GIT Co. Add 0xC, “Photron Ltd.

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Add 0x, “Holtek” ; mVendors. Add 0x11A1, “Hamamatsu Photonics K. Add 0x, “Rhetorex Inc.

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Add 0xF, “Trigem Computer Inc. Add 0x, “Knowledge Technology Laboratories” ; mVendors. Add 0x, “Square Wave Technology” ; mVendors. Add 0x, “Initio Corporation” mtv803/tamarack mVendors.

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Add 0xC, “Goldstar Co. Add 0x, “Alta Technology Corp. Add 0x, “Delphax” ; mVendors. Add 0x14F2, “Mobility Electronics, Inc. Add 0x, “Lattice – Vantis” ; mVendors. Add 0x16CA, “Cenatek Inc.

Add 0x, “Seachange International” ; mVendors. Transform digital signals into sounds hear get driver. Add 0x, “Sky Computers Inc” ; mVendors. Add 0x, “Promax Systems Inc” ; mVendors. Add 0xF, “Stratabeam Technology” ; mVendors. Add 0xBE, “UniNorth 1. Add 0x, “S S Technologies” ; mVendors. You should only need to consult this file in case a device driver is not. Add mtd8003/tamarack, “Guzik Technical Enterprises” ; mVendors. Add 0x11BF, “Astrodesign Inc.


Add 0x15A3, “Italtel” ; mVendors. Add 0x, “Datalex Communcations” ; mVendors. Add 0x, “Fairchild Semiconductor” ; mVendors.

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